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Dr Srinath Srinivasa

Professor Wireless communication systems, Opportunistic comm... View Profile

Dr Debabrata Das

Professor Medium Access Control Protocol for Energy Saving a... View Profile

Dr G N Srinivasa Prasanna

Professor Robust optimization, Communication systems (optica... View Profile

Dr Jyotsna Bapat

Professor 5G-IoT, Spectral Efficiency, Massive MIMO, Interne... View Profile

Dr Shrisha Rao

Professor Renewable energy, intelligent transportation syste... View Profile

Dr Chandrashekar Ramanathan

Professor Data Sciences , Software Architecture and Technolo... View Profile

Dr G Srinivasaraghavan

Professor Machine learning, Optimization, Computational inte... View Profile

Dr T K Srikanth

Professor Mobile and cloud applications, Geometric modeling ... View Profile

Dr Chetan D Parikh

Professor Analog and mixed-signal circuit design... View Profile

Dr Subir Kumar Roy

Professor Hardware formal verification, Power estimation, Pe... View Profile

Dr V Ramasubramanian

Professor Deep learning, machine learning, associative memor... View Profile

Dr B Thangaraju

Professor Operating System, Embedded and Real Time Systems, ... View Profile

Dr Varadharajan Sridhar

Professor Techno-Economics of Networks, Radio Spectrum Polic... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh KA

Professor work on Algorithms, Discrete &Combinatorial Optim... View Profile

Dr Sowmyanarayanan Sadagopan

Director Operations Research, Multi-criteria optimization ,... View Profile

Dr V N Muralidhara

Associate Professor Theory of algorithms and complexity and its applic... View Profile

Dr Neelam Sinha

Associate Professor Medical imaging, Processing, Computer Vision Strat... View Profile

Dr Manisha Kulkarni

Associate Professor Diophantine equations, Elliptic Curves, Galois gro... View Profile

Prof Amit Prakash

Associate Professor ICT and Development (ICTD), e-Governance, Public P... View Profile

Dr Balakrishnan Ashok

Associate Professor Complex systems, Nonlinear dynamics, Soft Matter P... View Profile

Dr Madhav Rao

Associate Professor Assistive devices, Low Power VLSI circuits, Approx... View Profile

Dr Subajit Sen

Associate Professor Analog and mixed-signal VLSI integrated circuit an... View Profile

Dr Tricha Anjali

Associate Professor Computer networks and wireless networks, Security ... View Profile

Dr Ashish Choudhury

Associate Professor My main research interests are Cryptographic Proto... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi DSouza

Associate Professor Formal Methods, Software Testing, Embedded Softwar... View Profile

Dr Jaya Sreevalsan Nair

Associate Professor Spatial big data analytics (multivariate/tensor/ne... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Babu Jayagopi

Associate Professor Audio Visual Signal, Processing, Applied Machine L... View Profile

Dr Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Software ... View Profile

Dr Bidisha Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor e-Governance, Gender and ICTs , Digital Identity, ... View Profile

Dr Janaki Srinivasan

Assistant Professor Political economy of information-based development... View Profile

Dr Shiva Kumar Malapaka

Assistant Professor Three Dimensional Simulations of Hydrodynamic and ... View Profile

Dr Sachit Rao

Assistant Professor Control Systems and Theory, Robotics, Computer Vis... View Profile

Dr Preeti Mudliar

Assistant Professor ICT and Development (ICTD), e-Governance, Public P... View Profile

Dr Amit Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Geometric Algorithms, Computational Topology, Data... View Profile

Dr Pradeesha Ashok

Assistant Professor Algorithms, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Theoretic... View Profile

Dr Uttam Kumar

Assistant Professor Data mining / Data science, Applied machine learni... View Profile

Dr Nanditha Rao

Assistant Professor Impact of single event upsets on an FPGA based des... View Profile

Dr Srinivas Vivek V

Assistant Professor He is interested in the interplay between the theo... View Profile

Dr Priyanka Das

Assistant Professor Wireless communication systems, Opportunistic comm... View Profile

Dr Vinod V Reddy

Assistant Professor Problem solving with Signal processing for diverse... View Profile

Dr Arti Dilip Yardi

Assistant Professor Error correcting codes, Cyclic codes, LDPC codes, ... View Profile

Dr Viswanath Gopalakrishnan

Assistant Professor Computer Vision Problems , Machine learning, artif... View Profile

Dr Amrita Mishra

Assistant Professor Amrita Mishra received the B.Tech. degree in elect... View Profile